Rogers Historical Museum

Residents who were concerned about the loss of their culture founded the Rogers Historical Museum in 1974. The museum, located in downtown Rogers, Northwest Arkansas is tasked to maintain the legacy of the historic city of Rogers. Not only to the inhabitants of Rogers but to all of Northwest Arkansas, an increasingly rising community with a rich history and a thriving creative spirit is served by the Rogers Historical Museum. The Rogers Historical Museum, a winner of several state and national honors, was amongst the less than 5 percent of the nation’s museums certified by the American Museum Alliance. 

The mission of the museum is to enhance lives through knowledge, insight, and the discovery of the culture of Rogers. For children and adult guests, the museum is full of hands-on activities and exhibits revolving around Rogers’ roots. It is a cool family-oriented activity suited for cool, wet, snowy, or hot weather.

The recent expansion of the Rogers Historical Museum was intended to include more space for exhibits, greater space for education, special events, community meeting, and storage areas. 

Today, besides its amazing back story, The Rogers Historical Museum has a fantastic new look. It is now a campus in old downtown Rogers, consisting of three buildings and an apple tree. Almost all exhibitions, a limited use gallery, meeting rooms, and an exhibition studio are located in the Hailey Ford Building. For tourists to explore as well, The Key Wing and Hawkins House remain untouched. The Key Wing has now become a community education space while the Hawkins House conducts guided tours that provide a snippet of human existence in Northwest Arkansas from the year 1900 to 1910. The apple orchard can be seen at the back of the Key Wing.

The Galleries

  • Children Galleries – The Children’s Gallery features hands-on activities from the earlier days, designed towards younger visitors. At the authentic Rogers High School, children will be able to take a trip and experience “Grandma’s Home”, “Grandpa’s Workshop,” the “Telegraph & Telephone Exchange Room” and a simulation of the fire escape. 
  • Hawkins Manor- Take a guided tour of the Victorian middle-class home across the street from the Hailey Building. The house was restored to the early 1900s era, complete with displayed interiors, such that the Hawkins family seems to still dwell there. 
  • Key building – The Key Wing galleries are devoted to experience-based education that allows individuals to dress, prepare food on an antique stove, use a classic typewriter, and much more.

The museum’s admission is free to all. The Hailey Building hours are from 10 am to 5 pm from Monday to Saturday. The Key Wing is open from 10 am to 4 pm from Monday to Saturday. Discover all that Northwest Arkansas has to bring. You are sure to experience something new, from shopping and dining to recreational facilities and heritage sites.

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