Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park: All You Need to Know

In a city known for its spectacular parks, Riverfront Park is still widely considered as the city’s best. In fact, many locals and outsiders alike thinks that this park can match up with any park this country has to offer. This article will show you everything you need to know about this very popular local attraction in the heart of Little Rock, Arkansas. This park is located at the southern bank of the Arkansas River and stretches across 11 blocks.

The Riverfront Park has a little bit of something for everybody. For those who like the traditional atmosphere of parks, this is one great place to relax and stroll around. Whether you are alone or with companions, you are sure to enjoy your stay here. You can also do some outdoor activities here like biking, picnics, and the like. Also, if you are interested in nature or history, this park has some attractions that are sure to capture your attention. On occasion, some events are being held at specific areas of the park such as the amphitheater.

There are multiple attractions that you must see if you are planning to visit the Riverfront Park in Little Rock, Arkansas. Here is a list of 5 of the best ones.

  1. Little Rock Civil War Marker- This stone marks a historic event that happened at the site where the park currently stands. In this site, Steele’s army entered Little Rock to make their advance in the city.
  2. History Pavilion- This site will give visitors an idea on how Little Rock looked when settlers first came in. This park contains maps, drawings, and descriptions from explorers who came to Little Rock for the first time. Also included here is one of the 60 Native American statues made as a tribute by Peter Toth.
  3. La Petit Roche- Considered as one of the first historical markers of the city’s first explorers, La Petit Roche, also known as the Little Rock, is the site where the city eventually got its name from. Aside from a view of the rock itself, visitors will also gain access to texts and photos that will educate you about the city’s history.
  4. Medical Mile- This is a section of the Arkansas trail that showcases a 3-dimensional mural that is approximately 1300 feet long. This mural is specifically made to inspire Little Rock citizens and visitors to practice a healthier lifestyle.
  5. William E. Clark Presidential Wetlands- This protected area covers 13 acres of land along the Arkansas River. This site is a reserve for native wildlife and gives a glimpse on how the river ecosystem works. This site is a must-see for nature lovers everywhere.

The Riverfront Park has a little bit of something for everyone. If you are visiting Little Rock, Arkansas, this is one place you and your family should never miss. As a person who does emergency garage door repair, I however did miss going to this awesome park.

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