The Old Mill

The Old Mill

A hidden gem is the name used by the visitors to describe The Old Mill, and it is no less than that. The T. R. Pugh Memorial Park famously known as the old mill is exquisitely nestled in a residential area embraced by greenery and lakes and is one of the best places to visit in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The entrance of the old mill park opens a person to an enchanting panorama that could potentially detach them from their thoughts, convincing them to indulge in the tranquil aura. The downhill from the entrance connects to an immaculate pathway with a lake alongside it. The old mill is abreast to the trail, facing the lake.

A pleasantly ancient bridge connects the downhill to the quaint old mill, so people have to walk over the bridge to enter the mill. On the left-side of the bridge is a spouting fountain and verge of the lake which eternally flows towards the right-side of the mill. The bridge is magnificently surrounded by blooming bushes and shrubs. There’s also another captivating bridge in the park parallel to this bridge and it resembles a cave having no roof, entwined with tree branches.

Crossing the first bridge takes us to the old mill which is a double storied stone house with a five-ton mill attached to it. The internal architecture of the house appears to be made from wood; its floor resembling wooden planks hammered on the surface and hand-railings seeming like wooden logs. The building-windows allow ample amount of sunlight to pass in and gives an enthralling  view of the parkland which beholds a vibrant foliage with flowers of diverse shapes and colors -like  red, pink, yellow, orange, and white. Although the vegetation may not be colorful all the time, it still plays an awe-inspiring role in every season.

Another charm of The Old Mill is its reflective lake. This lake is a dwelling to a number of turtles, ducks, and fishes. People usually feed the ducks here, enjoy the babbling of water, get engrossed in the sounds of birds, and infrequently spot rabbits too. The vision of sunset at this place can mesmerize anyone.

The garden has used rocks in a sublime way; from random structures and pavement curbs to borders and steps- all exhibit the elegant arrangement of stones, instilling serenity in the heart. The park has a number of beautiful bushes, stone benches, small bridges and decks, vivid trees, and eye-catching rock formations. The Old Mill is well-maintained by gardeners and has a provision of restrooms for the visitors.

The Old Mill, although gives the impression of a natural wonderland, is visually made to resemble a deserted valley. Many of the structures such as benches and bridges are crafted in detail to imitate wood but are actually made of concrete. The visitors spend time at the old mill to connect with the nature and relish the unusual peace and serenity which is rarely found in the stressful daily-life.

My Review:

The scenery is great, and it definitely takes you back in time. I own a garage door repair business in Little Rock, and it was really one of the best attractions I’ve seen in Central Arkansas.

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