South on Main

South on Main

When you are in the Little Rock and ask about the best restaurants to visit, you will hear one name from almost everyone; the South on Main. It’s a restaurant that brings western food, literature, music, and cultural celebrations, all under one roof with a touch of its own.  One can find himself immersed in the lively southern culture when he visits the restaurant.  It’s located at 1304 Main St Little Rock and usually opens by 10 in the morning to offer a wide variety of food for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

South on Main is a traditional food outlet yet never seizes to innovate. Apart from high-quality food, what’s good about the restaurant is that it never misses celebrating a single cultural event all through the year.  It all started with a love story. The owner and head chef of the restaurant, Matthew Bell, fell in love with a girl from the Little Rock. As he moved in with a girl, he decided to open a restaurant that appreciates western cuisine with a bit of innovation and style.  The South on Main took no time to become one of the most favorite cultural food destinations of the city.

Special Dishes

The menu is full of all sorts of dishes, desserts, and starters, but one dish that has the most rave reviews is a dish called pork totters at the South on Main.  It’s quite surprising because whenever you see the name while going through the menu at any other restaurant, you may easily skip this. But while in South on Main, you may not what to let it go. This is what makes this restaurant stand out; it makes the ordinary dishes in an extraordinary way and in turn, makes them extraordinary dishes.  The pork feet are one of the most sought-after dishes in the South on Main.

Drinks in South on Main

Dave Burnette is the chief Bar at South on Main, and he does justice to his job by offering an amazing range of drinks.  The owner of the restraint can’t restrict himself from calling Dave the best barman of the city.  You will find drinks of scintillating flavors and high-end cocktails when you visit the place.

Full of Innovation

As the fan following of the restaurant grows among the local customers as well as the outside visitors, the innovation of the restaurant owner never stops inspiring. You might see the chefs meeting live with the guests and conducting short interviews about what they really like. And then they go back to their kitchens and produce something very special for the guests based on the answers they got.  Such personalization of the dishes is only possible at the South on Main!

Final Words?

The South on Main restaurant is arguably one of the best restaurants in the Little Rock with a huge fan following. If you are a person living in the Little Rock, you might already know the place, and if you are a visitor looking to explore the city’s main attractions, the South on Main should be on your top-ten list if not earlier.

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