Kemuri Restaurant

Kemuri Restaurant: A Japanese Restaurant in the Heart of Little Rock

When you think of high-end Japanese restaurants in America, the first names that come into mind are global hubs such as New York and Los Angeles. However, at the heart of Little Rock, a Japanese restaurant that has the quality and authenticity to match the best out there is already serving up delicacies for the masses. Kemuri Restaurant is the place to be if you want to try out authentic sushi and other Japanese goodies.

The story of Kemuri started in 2014, when Jerry Barakat, the mastermind behind other Little Rock culinary institutions like Arthur’s Prime Steakhouse, decided to open up a Japanese-Asian fusion restaurant. Kemuri strives to provide visitors the best dining experience by combining a great selection of food with superior customer service. While the restaurant is now under new management, their commitment to serving Japanese fusion cuisine of the highest quality as never changed.

While the menu at Kemuri Restaurant is expansive, they specialize in 3 items. In fact, they are implicitly mentioned in the name of their restaurant.

Sushi- A favorite among both traditionalists and fusion fans, the quality of sushi plays a huge factor on determining the success of a Japanese restaurant. Kemuri has made it a point to create great sushi. In fact, they claim that their selection of sushi is the best and most versatile in all of Little Rock. While such a claim may seem preposterous, the high ratings they get from clients is an indicator of how good their sushi is.

Seafood- The Japanese love their seafood fresh and of the highest quality. Kemuri strives to live up to that ideal thru the procurement of the best ingredients and creative cooking techniques. They order their seafood fresh daily so that you can enjoy them at their finest. From ceviche to black cod, their seafood dishes will play with your senses.

Robata- For those who do not know, robata is a traditional style of grilling that originated from northern Japan. It is a technique used for grilling everything from vegetables to smoked meats. Robata grills are heated using hot coals at just the right temperature, resulting into cooking that get the best out of the food being grilled there. You must try it to be best appreciated.

Kemuri made an ambitious claim of being the most creative restaurant to open in Little Rock for decades. Based on the reviews of those who went there, they mostly agree that this is the case. Everything from the preparation to the presentation was spot-on. Kemuri Restaurant shows that you won’t have to go out of Little Rock to enjoy world-class Japanese fusion cuisine.

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