The Root Cafe

The Root Cafe

The Root Café started its services 7 years ago; and every day, it continues to make new fans that include locals and visitors traveling around Arkansas State. The Root Café is a top-rated downtown cafe located at 1500 Main St., Little Rock. It comes with a unique business ideology and serves food that is prepared from locally produced ingredients. When you go through the customer reviews on all kinds of online review sites, you will be forced to agree that this is the café to visit when you are around the Little Rock city.

The Root Café Concept and how it all started?

The concept of the Root Café is simple, to serve as a favorite local food destination and build a community around local food.  It took Jack Sundell, the owner of the café, quite some time to build on the idea and materialize the concepts to start the café.

According to Jack, the idea hit him when he worked as a volunteer in Africa. He saw how local food chains are a vibrant place and how they can attract a growing number of clients over some local food. As he returned to the US, he volunteered himself for Heifer International where he learned a lot about cooking and the supply chain related to it.

In 2008, Jack met Corri Bristow his future wife and business partner, and among many ideas that they agreed upon, setting up a café was one. It wasn’t a quick execution though, it took 3 long years until all the preparations were done and the Root Café was eventually opened in June 2011.

The Customers’ Response

The Café was an instant hit among the locals. Even the café owners didn’t expect such a positive response and forced them to relocate to a larger space. They also had to contact with more farmers and suppliers around the state, and the number of suppliers grew to more than 50 in less than a year.  While the idea is to source all the food from the local producers, not 100% of food can be cooked from the local items, as confessed by the café owner.


“Delicious” is the word most used by the customers who visit the Root Café.  Hundreds of online reviews appreciate the idea itself, and the ambiance that the café offers along with a scrumptious menu.

What customers like most is the idea of sourcing the food from local suppliers which ensures freshness and taste.

Visitors can expect the most number of visitors during breakfast time. Everyone around the downtown Little Rock seems to be having breakfast in the Root Cafe.  So when you go for breakfast three, expect some waiting while the staff strives to cater to all the customers.

The lively and highly trained staff is also a topic most discussed in the reviews.

All in all, the Root Café Little Rock is a gem of a food place in the Little Rock that you surely don’t want to miss when you are around Little Rock.

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