The Bernice Garden

One of the most unique locations to visit in Little Rock is the Bernice Garden. Combining both natural and man-made wonders, this garden is probably the best of its kind in the state today, and can definteyl compete with the best gardens in America today.

This garden was instituted by the great Anita Davis. When she first saw the empty lot at 1401 South Main Street, Davis saw a place where the community can gather to celebrate sustainability, local art, and urban revitalization. The Bernice Garden was constructed right at this spot in 2006, formally opening to the public in 2007. The name was derived from Anita Davis’s grandmother, as well as the Bernice Building, a historic building owned by Davis that is also standing nearby.

A living testament to the viability and unlimited potential of environmental sustainability, all of the materials used for the creation of the garden are used from recycled materials. Wood and metal used for the building are reclaimed from local construction areas, including the slave buildings once located at the Alexander Pavilion. The signature canopy of this building is designed by a team of designers led by Justin Tucker and David Anderson. It funnels rainwater that is then used to water the plants, and the canopy is powered using energy-efficient lights and equipment.

As for the garden itself, it is quite a sight to behold. Flower trees such as cosmos, rudbeckias, zinnias, and fennels are being grown here, as well as herb such as rosemary and lavender. These plants are not just chosen for their ornamental value but also they are selected for their ability to serve as havens for insects such as dragonflies, butterflies, and moths. All these flora and fauna converge to create a garden that is a true feast for the eyes. The Bernice Garden also has a partnership with the state of Arkansas and Greener Living Sustainable Solutions to create a garden that is environmentally sustainable.

Another attraction at the Bernice Garden is its incredible collection of sculptures. Its gallery is created to “represent and reflect the spirit, nature, and history of Arkansas”. Virtually all of the pieces featured in the garden are created by Arkansas-based artists, truly serving as an exhibit for the artists of the state. All these sculptures are made using traditional or alternative materials, are maintenance-free, and should stay at the Garden for exhibit for at least a year. Over the years, the works of some of the best Arkansas artists, as well as national and international luminaries, have graced the garden.   

If you want to enjoy the glory of both art and nature after work, it is highly recommended to go to The Bernice Garden. You can take your entire family here for a spin. You can even reserve the venue to hold specific events there! Just call them for information on event reservations, exhibits, and more.

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