What you should know about H.U. Lee International Gate and Garden

For the people who love travel and adventure, there are many places that they can visit while in Little Rock, Arkansas. The H.U. Lee International Gate is one such place. What are some of the things that one can do here? What sort of a garden is it? Well, this is a South Korean garden and gate in Arkansas; this was built to honor the American Taekwondo. For the lovers of martial arts, this is a great gift that strengthens the friendship between the people of South Korea and the United States.

About the H.U. Lee I G G

The gate and garden were named in honor of the Grand Master Haeng Ung Lee who did contribute immensely in the growth and advancement of Taekwondo. This fete is dedicated to him in that he helped grow martial arts not only in the United States but in the whole world.  The Gate and the garden can be said to be a mash-up of South Korea and Arkansas. Painted with Korean colors, the gate symbolizes the 5 Mu-Yang cardinal elements. These colors are: white for metal, black for water, blue for wood, yellow for the earth and red for fire.

Structures that can be found in this edifice

When you visit this grand gate and garden, you will be mesmerized by the various structures that can be found here. All of these structures have a lot of things to teach us. They have a description that explains their importance. The gate is a sign of welcome and is a common feature throughout Asia. The garden as a whole is a good place where people can visit for short rests while they are in Little Rock, Arkansas. Another statue found in this garden is that of two Korean Food Dogs. were is a symbol of security or protection. A visitor to this garden should always feel secure.

A statute of an ATA female and male student bowing is another very important statue here. These are uniformed in the attire of ATA and stands six feet tall.  A reflective pool that has a seating area around it and made to resemble the songahm is also a good facility that you will love to see. It stands 27 feet in width. There is also a fountain, a bust of H. Lee, a statue of turtles and many others.

Visiting Hours

If you are involved with the ATA, then you will definitely want to visit this place. You will be happy to note that the place is open for 24 hours every day of the week.  It is just located to the right of Marriot Hotel, mash-up about 4 blocks after the hotel.

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