What to Know about La Petit Roche Plaza

This is an exciting location to visit. According to the history of this place, BĂ©nard de la Harpe, an explorer discovered the site and it has since been one of the tourist locations. The park has various attractions and is rich in history. Since it is a public park, it attracts many local and international visitors. The vast land provides ample space for outdoor activities, leisure, and people can learn a lot about the history and culture of the past. We will review some of the major attractions here. It is also good to check various other attractions at Riverfront Park. This will ensure that your visit is full of adventure and fun.

Here are some of the major attractions;

Interesting walkaways

Walking along the Arkansas River is exciting. You will also enjoy lots of artwork, a water feature, and ample space with a natural setting for kids to play. Kids also enjoy playing in the water feature. The stretch between Damgoode Pies to the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge also has exciting attractions. You will enjoy the experience in the arbor as you walk around the park. The natural environment with lots of climbing ropes, rocks, and tunnels ensure that kids enjoy various games.

Little rock

This place is referred to as the Little Rock because it protrudes from the riverbank and is the main landmark along Arkansas river. If you want to find out more about the history of this place, check the history panels, and photographs of the little rock, you will find that information here. Many festivals take place here. You can participate in some of these events. They include the famous Little Rock marathon, Boo at the zoo, and a cycling tour from Little Rock, through the trails along the riverside, and to the north little lake.


If you love shopping, then here at La Petit Roche Plaza, you can access many things including postcards, toys, and apparels. You can access information regarding various products you want to shop for online, or at the visitor information center. There are many recreation activities here including good restaurants and bars. You may also tour the Heifer international and learn more about their mission, as well as shop for a few things there.

History and culture

By visiting the museum, you can learn more about the history and culture of Riverfront Park. You will also get more information regarding the history and culture of the ancient people here by checking the old statehouse. Other sources of information would be the Clinton library, Esse Purse Museum, and Robinson Centre. All these places are just nearby La Petit Roche Plaza and you will enjoy every moment here.

You should beware of the climate here. In summer it is hot and humid but in winter, the weather is friendlier since there is very little snow. The place is easily accessible since you can access this location via train, bus, or take a flight.

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