Maumelle Park

The Arkansas River is such a perfect backdrop for creating parks and other outdoor recreational spots. And while there are many of these types of attractions at the Arkansas capital of Little Rock, Maumelle Park still managed to stand out from the competition thanks to its unique charms. It has recently reopened following a short period of closure for maintenance after the Arkansas floods, and now it is back kicking as if it has never left.

If you are looking for a park that provides rural vibes right in the middle of an urban locale, then this park is the place to be. Its close proximity to the Arkansas River makes it a perfect place to chill take those nature pictures. It also has a multitude of camping sites amply spaced between each other so that you can enjoy that full outdoor vibe without worrying about your own privacy. There are even RV parks here, so those who are into mobile homes can chill out here for the night.

This park is made awesome mainly because it has just about every natural advantage that most parks don’t have; the perfect backdrop for both appreciating nature and taking pictures, a mostly unmolested natural location, and a weather that is accommodating almost the whole year round. However, this park does have the facilities that will make campers and outdoor enthusiasts come back for more. They have multiple nature trails that will challenge hikers of all levels. They also have biking trails available for those who want to do trail riding. They even have playgrounds for those who want to bring their kids along for the fun.

Of course, given that this park is located right at the side of the great Arkansas River, the Maumelle Park does host some outdoor activities for the entire family. You can do fishing right at the riverside, with rod rental facilities also available. Among the fishes that you can catch here include bream, bass, and crapple. You can also have boating tours along the Arkansas River. There are also some areas where you have full water access for activities such as swimming.

To top everything off, the management of the Maumelle Park understands that providing a great experience for visitors is important. Aside from their awesome work in maintaining the facilities, their customer service is highly commended by those who came to the park. They even have some creature comforts such as full access to electricity and water. They desire to provide the full outdoor experience, but they won’t leave those who can’t to go high and dry.

Maumelle Park is located at 9009 Pinnacle Valley Road, Little Rock, Arkansas.

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