Allsopp Park

One of the more popular family destinations in the Riverdale are, Allsopp Park has long been a favorite for both locals and visitors alike. With its multiple sites for various activities, there is something for all ages to enjoy right here. Whether you just want to go for a stroll or you want to hold a special event there, this park is more than ready to accommodate your needs.

Just like with most parks, the nature trails are one of the must-see destinations at the Allsopp Park. These trails can accommodate explorers of different fitness levels, with each trail presenting its own unique sights, sounds, and challenges. With both paved and earthen trails present, you have a choice on how you want to explore this vast park. There are even trails made with mountain bikers in mind. Choosing any of these trails will bring you closer to nature, making for an experience that will thrill the senses.

If you are into playing sports (or you have young ones you would love to nurture into playing), the Allsopp Park has all kinds of sites available for playing. There is a pair of tennis courts for those who want to practice their serve. There are also basketball courts where you can work on your shot. There are also baseball and softball practice fields where you can put your pitching, batting, and fielding skills to the test. This site is a true sportsman’s paradise in the heart of the city.

If you want some kid-friendly fun, then you should definitely consider placing Allsopp Park as part of your travel plan. You can take them to the trails if you want them to appreciate the beauty of nature more, or you can take them to the courts for them to love the game at an early age. You can also just choose to stay at the park grounds to chill with your young one, maybe share a meal or two in a picnic setting, or even host events there (the pavilion is one particularly nice event place). Getting close to the kids has never been this great.

Allsopp Park is located at 3700 Cedar Hill Road, with the site at close proximity to a number of local destinations.

After a long day working at my garage door repair business in Little Rock, I enjoy hanging out in nature, and Allsopp Park is the place to do it.

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