Witt Stephens Jr. Nature Center

The Witt Stephens Jr. Nature Center, also known as the Central Arkansas Nature Center, is a site that showcases some of the natural wonders of the state. With its multitude of outdoor recreational activities available in its facilities, you and the rest of your family can have a unique adventure while staying in its grounds.

The Witt Stephens Jr. Nature Center was opened on December 17, 2008. Located just beside the Arkansas River, it is considered a part of the River Market District. Because of its location, it is also at close proximity to a number of local attractions, such as the Museum of Discovery, the Clinton Presidential Library, and the Clinton Foundation Store. Once you are done with your visit, you can take a pick on any of these popular locations.

As for the site itself, the Central Arkansas Nature Center has different sections where you can visit and have your kind of outdoor fun. Here are some of the activities you can enjoy within its facilities:

1. Wildlife activities- This is the place to be if you want to see wildlife in action, right at the place that they call home. Animals you can see in this park include turtles, butterflies, and pelicans. You can see them up close doing their thing, with some of them even right in the middle of their respective migratory routines.

2. Trail walking- There are multiple trails available for visitors to see. Some of their most popular trails feature the likes of the Ozark Plateau, the Ozark National Forest, the Ouachita Mountains, the Mississippi Delta, the Delta County, and of course the Arkansas River. Each of these sites offer a unique adventure You got to take note that some of these sites would require you to walk miles at a time, so it will be great to come prepared!

3. Exhibits- The Witt Stephens Jr. Nature Center is fully committed to showcasing the natural heritage of the state of Arkansas. Part of this commitment is hosting exhibits that showcase some of the best natural gifts the state has to offer. Lectures are being hosted from time to time that helps in educating the community of the natural wonders of Arkansas and how they can be preserved. The museum even has a unique in-house multimedia presentation that features all of the state’s natural beauty.

The Witt Stephens Jr. Nature Center is open all year round, from Tuesday to Sunday. They are closed during Mondays and particular holidays, so make sure that you call them for schedules before you visit.

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