The War Eagle Mill

Since 1832, War Eagle Mill has been a running grist mill located in northwest Arkansas. A visit to the mill is an enjoyable trip rich in history, with a spectacular view of The War Eagle River and the stunning Ozark Mountain.

The evolution of the mill goes all the way back to 1832. The very first design of the War Eagle mill was swamped in 1848 by a season of torrential downpours. The second version of the mill was demolished by Confederate troops who, just before the Battle of Pea Ridge, scorched the mill to dust in 1962 to deter Union soldiers from using it. The Mill was restored in 1865 only after a bloody conflict, but once again burnt to the ground in 1924.

The present mill was built in 1973 after a series of misfortunes and built according to historical specs on the third mill’s blueprints. War Eagle Mill is Arkansas’ only working grist mill and even if it was only 40 years old, it’s just like traveling to what could have been a great source of food for the city if it was not repeatedly burned down, The mill comprised of three levels-the first one exhibits the working grist mill and features several agricultural products which can be purchased on the mill. There are plenty of artworks on sale on the second floor and a cafe on the third level.   

But how is the mill working exactly? The War Eagle Mill has undershot turbine blades of 18 meters, and it is spinning whenever water reaches the pedals or blades beneath the wheel. The force of the water coming powers the blades of the wheel which now spins the turbine that drives the machinery of the mill. On the other side, the millstone helps to transform the grain into flour. 

Tours shall be made available on request, and staff shall be provided on each floor. The miller will speak with you with pleasure about the overall history and operational activities of the milling.

One of Rogers’s best brunches is the Bean Palace. The Bean Palace is indeed a popular destination not only for breakfast or brunch but also for lunch. This is the place to be if you enjoy beans and fresh grain! You could still stop for tea or a sugary treat, like that of a cobbler and ice cream, if you ever don’t have time for lunch. In addition to the yummy food, you will also get to enjoy a magnificent view While you eat since the restaurant is situated on the third level. War Eagle Mill manufactures organically grown goods, meaning they have no supplementary or preservative compounds and are not treated toxic. 

Be certain to go to the mill shop after your plate of food and discover interesting stuff to marvel at and purchase. You are guaranteed to find something for all, through loaves of bread and pancake to jams and jellies. The mill website features an array of recipes for you to make good use of your fresh purchases.

You should take the additional drive across the bridge to see War Eagle Mill, a reason to explore if you are visiting Northwest Arkansas.

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