The Old Spanish Treasure Cave

If you have a penchant for exploration and mystery, venture into yet another epic adventure via a directed tour of this beautiful limestone cave veiled in the secrets and myth of forgotten Conquistador riches.  

It’s a legend dating all the way back over 3 centuries.  Conquistadores explored the world for fortunes soon after its discovery. A band of these eager adventurers passed through the Ozarks, as said in the myths. Exhausted, weakened by sickness and starvation, and attacked by native people, the fortune they had was carried in a cavern that was undisclosed throughout the years. The Old Spanish Treasure Cave later was kept sealed with its mysteries. Now, with the assistance of a few old maps, some Spaniards re-discovered the cave in 1885. The caverns were searched by them but nobody ever found the lost gold.

However, several telltale artifacts have been recovered in the cavern throughout the years. Headgear, body armor, weaponry, and a couple of coins were found. The Old Spanish Treasure Cave, in fact, wasn’t really completely explored. The cave didn’t open to the general public until around the 1930s. The cave is privately operated and active exploring persists, offering year-round guided tours. 

Because the cave keeps a steady 56 degrees year-round, tourists must anticipate cooler temperatures and dress appropriately. It is a walking trip, so it is also important that you come to the tour clad in closed-toe shoes with a strong sole grip.

Navigate around some minerals, rocks, fossils, and artifacts on display in their little souvenir shop, situated inside an old cabin, after buying your admission tickets. You can explore tight caverns and passages throughout the trip, cross a natural bridge, and enter various chambers of limestone filled with columns of stunning, natural formations. Sam, the cave dog and love taking the tour alongside the visitors. She’s obviously one of the best things about the journey for the guests. 

Although the cavern is well illuminated, it is recommended that you carry an extra torch to assist you in observing different rock formations. Sam is going to be completely fascinated by the beam, running and barking after it. Stalagmites, stalactites, soda straws, flowstone, large columns, and much more are featured in the cave. It was so extremely interesting, majestic, and beautiful.

Wander into an adventure through the Old Spanish Treasure Cave. Intriguing tales of lost riches hidden by the Spanish Conquistadors fill this mysterious cavern. Also don’t miss the chance to enjoy a sumptuous meal with a stunning view of the Ozarks at The War Eagle Mill, another popular attraction in NWA!

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