Thorncrown Chapel

The magnificent idea behind the Thorncrown Chapel is conceived by the couple Jim and Dell Reed, who were both retired to a peaceful mountain resort in the woods of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. They visualized a divine glass chapel to stand in the forest surrounded by towering oaks, pines, and maple trees to provide both tourists and locals a motivational place to reflect and unwind. The exceptional architect, E. Fay Jones brought the couple’s vision to reality when he agreed to work with the Reeds. 

This immaculate chapel’s vertical height is 48 feet with roughly 425 windows. The structure is composed mostly of hundreds of tons of stone, hued flagstones, and local wood to blend with the surrounding nature. The only steel used in the chapel’s framework was used to create a diamond pattern in its wooden supports. Thousands of square feet of sturdy transparent glass are used along with the other materials to allow an abundant supply of natural light and dynamic change of ambiance. It may look like an open space from the outside but it is an air-conditioned closed space. Aside from the central skylight which is the source of natural forest light, the chapel is illuminated by custom lights decorated at every section and around each pillar in the evening. These lights reflect off the glass – as though they were lit someplace far away from the forest. 

For couples searching for the perfect place to promise eternity, your search has finally come to an end. Thorncrown Chapel is a foremost location, famous to both tourists and locals alike as a magical place to hold wedding ceremonies. Couples chose the glass chapel because of its timeless beauty and intimate, natural feel. The brides walked beautifully on the curved stone pathway leading to the magnificent doors while their groom and loved ones wait behind those magnificent doors. The atmosphere of the chapel radiates a feeling of calm and serenity not just to religious devotees but even to non-religious guests alike. They agree that a strong sense of peace and calm is felt by just stepping inside. The chapel is non-denominational so people with different religious customs and beliefs can utilize the place and achieve their dream fairytale wedding.

Since the chapel had opened its doors to the public, it had catered to several weddings and was visited by over seven million guests from around the world. It’s simple but majestic beauty paved the way to winning multiple architectural design awards throughout the years. The Reeds not only envisioned a place of meditation and relaxation but they also brought to life a world-class architecture as their gift to the local community and the world. So the next time you find yourself in the boundaries of Northwest Arkansas, do yourself a favor and visit this scenic glass chapel. 

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