Two Rivers Park

Two Rivers Park

Little Rock, AR has no shortage of awesome outdoor parks. A lot of these parks offer a great combination of natural beauty, great backdrops for photos, and opportunities for recreational activities. Among the best parks you can see in this city is the always-popular Two Rivers Park. Located in close proximity to the majestic Arkansas River, this park will let you enjoy the most natural portion of the River Trail. This park is sure to be a treat for you and your family. As a man who owns a garage repair business in Little Rock, I’d say this place is a great place to blow off some steam with the family.

Two Rivers Park occupy 1000 acres of land at the confluence of the Arkansas and Little Maumelle Rivers (hence the name). This land area can be divided into 2 areas: wetlands and open fields. Both of these distinct areas provide unique opportunities for nature-oriented activities, but most of the usual park activities are done in the 550-acre open field area. Currently, the park is being co-owned and managed by the city of Little Rock and Pulaski County.

For those who are looking to do traditional park activities with their family and friends, Two Rivers Park provides a great place to stay. Just about every part of this park is picturesque, making it a great place to take great photos. Also, the open fields here are ideal for holding outdoor activities such as picnics and camping sessions. There are also trails available for runners and bikers. You can also bring along your pets for a stroll here. You can even do some interesting side activities such as fishing and horseback riding if you are up to it.

For those who are into some serious nature trekking, Two Rivers Park also has a lot to offer. As mentioned earlier, almost half of the park is wooded wetland. Going there will give you a glimpse of the natural flora and fauna inhabiting the area. In fact, various forms of wildlife such as deer can be seen roaming around at different times of the day. Nature lovers, birdwatchers, photographers will have a field day while roaming Two Rivers Park. If you want to take the nature lover experience further, there is even some areas in the park where you can plant trees.

For those who want to experience the natural tranquility of nature in Little Rock, Two Rivers Park is the place to be. Accessible to a lot of local attractions such as Pinnacle Mountain State Park and Big Dam Bridge, this park is a must-visit for anyone who wants to go to Little Rock.

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