Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

In Little Rock, Arkansas, there is a great place that is remembering the people that have lost their lives in the Vietnam war. This is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It is great to go there and remember those that fought hard for us. This is why it is interesting to go to the memorial and walk between all those names. But, before you can do that, you should make sure that you are going to know everything there is to know about the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Where can you find the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?

You might consider going to Little Rocks, and want to see the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. But you don’t know where to find it. This isn’t a problem at all.

The memorial can be found at the southeast corner of the State Capitol grounds at 6th and Woodlane. The building is a half-circle with nameplates on it.

The names that you can see there

The memorial is in honor of those people that lived in Little Rocks and in Arkansas that have died during the Vietnam war (1 Nov 1955 – 30 Apr 1975). The names that you see is actually 662 KIAs and MIAs names. People from Arkansas. The memorial was opened on 7 March 1987 during a memorial ceremony.

This was the first memorial that was built in the State capital from the Vietnam war. And, this is why this is such a special place to visit.

Other interesting information about the memorial

Another thing that you will see at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is a statue. This is a statue of the soldier and was dedicated on Veterans Day, 11 November 1987. The statue was designed by John Deering.

Every year, people come to the memorial to honor and remember loved ones, or family members that died during the Vietnam war. This is normally an official event that is taking place on the Vietnam Veterans memorial grounds. Then, there are also some of the soldiers that lived through it and still living, that are also come and remember their friends that have all died during the war.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial. This is a place full of history. Names of people in Arkansas that have died during the Vietnam war. People that are honored by placing their names on the memorial wall. There are 662 names of KIAs and MIAs on the wall. A lot of people that have lost their lives. This is a great place where people can remember the war and the family members that have lost their lives at the war. You will find this place in Little Rocks, Arkansas.

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