War Memorial Golf Course

War Memorial Golf Course

The War Memorial Golf course isn’t just another golf course that you can find in Arkansas. This is a unique golf course
with lots of history and a great place to enjoy your golf. You can find this golf course in Little Rock, Arkansas, and this is
one of the most popular golf courses in the area. These are some of the interesting information that you need to know
about this golf course.

The history of the golf course

There is quite some history about the War Memorial Golf course that you will find interesting. First of all, this isn’t just a
normal golf course that was built on available grounds.
The grounds were purchased by the government in 1868. They only start building on it in 1924. With different plans and
options, they decided on a park, with a swimming pool, a golf course, and zoo. After the Vietnam war, the park was
dedicated to the Vietnam Veteran Memorial. However, the golf course was still in used and is still in use today. This is
close to the memorial park, and this is why it is named the War Memorial Golf Course.

What will you find there?

When you are visiting the golf course, you will be able to choose between the 18-hole golf course or the 9-hole golf
course. The golf course is built on 90 acres. Making this a great open space for playing golf.
The thing that is making this golf course special, is the fact that the course was built for 64 par. This is a unique number
for golf and a great challenge to everyone.

Should you consider playing a game of golf at the golf course?

If you love playing golf, and you want to make sure that you are playing a game of golf on the best golf course in
Arkansas, then yes, this is something to consider. This is great grounds, great greenery and lots of playing field. This is
ideal for people that are beginners or that are pros. A great place to spend a day with friends and family.
The War Memorial Golf course is one of the best and most popular golf courses in Arkansas. It offers a unique par course
that pros and beginners can enjoy. Making this one of the best golf courses to play on. There are many tourists that are
coming from far, just to say that they have played on the War Memorial golf course and that they have played under

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