Ways That You Can Do To Stop Your Sweating Garage Floor

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A garage floor that is sweating is somewhat difficult and dangerous to work with because you may slip anytime and have serious injuries. Aside from injuries, working on a sweating floor can really be annoying, right? Luckily, this article will be tackling about the ways that you can do to stop your sweating garage floor.

Why Do Garage Floors Sweat?

Before you do anything to your sweating garage floor, make sure that you check first the cause of its sweating. For most garages, the main culprit of this sweating is due to condensation. This happens because of the moist air that meets the cold concrete floor of your garage. When these two meets, their contradicting temperatures will cause the sweating or misting of your garage floor.

Aside from condensation, your garage floors may also sweat because it lacks protective moisture barrier under its surface. A lot of homeowners do not realize that concrete floors are prone to being penetrated by moisture.

A Garage Floor That is Sweating or a Problem in Moisture?

You must determine whether your floor is just sweating or if the floor has a moisture problem. To determine this, there is an easy test that you can do.

First, tape down a heavy plastic on your concrete floor. Make sure that the floor is dry and that you seal all edges properly. Leave the plastic taped to your floor until you notice your floor has moisture again.

Next, remove the plastic and check the floor below. If it is dry but its surrounding floor is wet, then the problem that you have is a sweating garage floor. On the other hand, if the plastic and the surrounding concrete is wet, then the problem is from the moisture barrier underneath the slab.

How to Prevent Your Garage Floor from Sweating?

In stopping a sweating garage floor, what you will have to do is to fix the condensation. What you must do now is to determine the conditions that will make a sweating garage floor.

There are 5 things that you can do to eliminate the condensation:

  • Decrease the humidity in air
  • Increase the air circulation inside the garage
  • Increase air temperature inside the garage
  • Change the surface of the floor
  • Keep the windows and doors sealed

If you really want to stop dealing with a sweating and wet floor, you can modify the surface of your floor. This may cost much but this will be worth it especially if you plan to live in your home for a long time.

In your plan to change the surface of your floor, you might also want to consider upgrading your garage door as well so that it can offer you the best benefits you can have with a latest one. For garage door inquiries, Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company will be happy to help you.

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