What You Must Do To Your Garage Floor With No Drain

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Having a garage that has no drain can really be exhausting because stuck up water can ruin your garage floor and leave a foul smell. With a garage that opens and closes all the time, there is a high possibility that the water will enter especially if it is raining hard. As a result of having a garage with no drain, you will surely be in trouble for this.

So, do you know what you must do to your garage with no drain? In this article, we have proposed a solution that you can follow.

Get An Approval For Installing A Garage Floor Drain

Just like any building, new garages will need a code for construction. As for a garage floor drain, you will have to get a code so that you can have a proper water runoff.

If you don’t have any plan in hiring a contractor for installing a drain, do know that you will need to do the following in installing a drain:

  • plan and do a research
  • manage heavy equipment
  • follow the construction code

Installing A Drain By Yourself

After you get the approval, you can now start installing the drain. But, make sure that you abide by the local codes and that you follow the rules of your utility company as well. So, the steps that you must do in installing your drain are as follows:

1. Plan on where you will put the drain as well as the pipes.

2. Carefully dig the trenches that you need for the pipes. Make sure that you follow that marks of the utility company so that you will not hit your gas line.

3. With a jackhammer, dig up your garage floor so that you can make way for the new drain. Make sure that you dig underneath the wall so that you will be able to reach the trenches that you have dug earlier.

*be sure to wear the right safety gear when doing this

4. Prepare a new concrete and then pour it over the garage floor filling the trench. Make sure that you do this carefully so that the concrete will not ooze into the drain hole.

*follow the manufacturer’s instruction when preparing and pouring the concrete

5. Paint the final layer if you want it to match it to your original floor.

After you have successfully installed your drainage system, you can add a trap and a cover to finish it. Adding this will help prevent debris to clog your drain and will help you clean the drain easily.

Alternative Garage Flooring Ideas

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If you are not quite bothered by the water pooling in your garage, you can consider placing a garage floor matting. This one has a built-in drainage channel which can guide the water out of your garage. But this is only applicable to those garages that has minimal water pooling problem.

The groove pattern from the tiles can help the water move out from your garage and cleaning it is easy as well. So, if you do not feel like using a jackhammer, you can opt for this plan.

Calling For Professionals To Install A Drain

If you feel like this job is too much for you, you can always hire a professional to install your garage floor drain so that you will not have a hard time. You must know that there are cases where garage floor drain is not the only problem why there is water pooling, for instance, there may be a problem with your garage door. Hence, a professionals’ judgement is necessary at times.

For professional services, you may call Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company. This company can surely help you solve your garage problems.

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