What to do if You Back Your Garage Door Up and It Comes Down on You or Your Car

what to do if you back into your garage door

Most of us have backed our cars into garage doors at one time or another. And it’s never fun, but the damages are usually just cosmetic for both the car and door. However, if you’re not careful about how you back out of your garage, you could seriously injure someone. Some garages have sensors on the floor to help prevent accidents like this, but not all of them do. If you’re concerned about backing your car into your door and don’t have a sensor in your garage, there are some precautions that you can take to lower the risk of damage or injury.

Some of these precautions are the following:

– Look up and make sure the garage door is completely closed before you pull out.

– If you don’t have a sensor, stop your car 3 or 4 feet from the door. This will give you more time to see whether there’s an obstruction on the other side of it before your car makes contact with it.

– Keep in mind that the sensors on the bottom of your car won’t work if you have extremely high or low riding tires. Either can block them from getting a good reading on an object. And dirt and rust on the floor under your door can also hamper their ability to detect potential obstructions.

– Most importantly, don’t use the old excuse of “the door came down on my car, not me.”. That’s a recipe for disaster. It can happen to you as easily as anyone else.

You’ve Accidentally Backed Your Car into Your Garage Door

If you have backed your car into the garage door, there is not much damage that will occur to the front of your car. If it’s just a small dent or scratch, an experienced body shop can easily fix this. However, if the rear of the door has dented or hit near some bolts on both sides, it may have caused some damage to your garage door’s automatic opener. If this has happened, you’ll need a professional garage door repair company to replace the broken parts of the opener. They can do this easily and quickly, so it doesn’t cost too much money or take up too much time.

If You’ve Accidentally Backed Your Car Into Someone Else’s Garage Door

If you’ve accidentally backed your car into someone else’s garage door, it may cause some damage to the automatic opener. Replacing this part of the opener won’t be cheap or quick like if you had done it yourself. Instead, it will take a lot of time and money since a professional garage door repair company will have to fix it. The cost of this repair will depend on the extent of the damages. And the fee will range anywhere between $150 or more.

If You’ve Accidentally Hit Someone with Your Garage Door

If you accidentally hit someone while backing out of your garage, you’re probably worried about legal issues like getting sued. That’s understandable, but if you didn’t mean to hit them, you probably won’t be charged with anything. Still, the person that you hit may have some injuries that they were not expecting and will need medical attention. If this is the case, then your first priority should be making sure they are safe. Also, you must make sure that you get a diagnosis from a doctor. Once all of their injuries have been evaluated and treated, you can deal with any legal issues.

There are a lot of things to worry about when it comes to backing your car out of your garage. However, if you use precaution when doing this, the chances of injuring someone will greatly decrease. If you’re going to back into your garage door or hit someone with it, the safest thing for you to do is just stop your car and get out of it. That way, no one will be hurt and you won’t have to pay a lot of money for repairs.

If you’re concerned about the safety of those in your home or garage but don’t have the money to upgrade, consider storage and security solutions such as steel shelves and locks. They can keep your belongings safe and secure until you can afford to make larger changes.

And if you do have the money, but don’t necessarily want to spend it all at once, consider budgeting for your garage door repair or replacement over time. You may be able to schedule small projects throughout the year so they won’t put a severe dent in your yearly budget.  

If you do opt for garage door replacement, be sure to get the right measurements before making your purchase. You don’t want to pay for a door that’s too large and end up wasting money. The product will come with everything you need, but it can be time consuming and difficult if you’re working alone and not very handy.

If you’re still unsure about the right garage door for your home, consult with a professional first. Whether it’s an emergency repair or replacement, they’ll be able to give you the assistance and information that you need to protect yourself and your family at all times. For such services, visit Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company.

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