2021 Best Neighborhoods to Call Home in Little Rock, AR

If you are planning for a trip to Arkansas, or you are planning to stay for a longer getaway there, one of the best cities you can possibly get to would be the Little Rock. In Little Rock, you will certainly get to have fun with its various outdoor activities and great attractions, but the most important thing that you have to take note on that city is the great neighborhood that it has.

Little Rock is the capital city of Arkansas and it has a great population as well. The name of the city was derived from its surrounding rocks along the river, hence, the name Little Rock. So, if you are planning to stay for a while in this city, it will be great if you get to be acquainted with some of the best neighborhoods that you might want to consider. Luckily, this article will be telling you and discussing to you briefly a few of the best neighborhoods you can find in Little Rock so that you will not have a hard in looking for one once you get there.

So, the best neighborhoods to live in Little Rock are the following:


Hillcrest is a trendy neighborhood that is located just at the west of Little rock. If you are fond of coffeeshops, parks, and restaurants, you will most definitely enjoy living at Hillcrest for this place surely has lots of it. In addition to that, Hillcrest also makes sure that they preserve the architecture and historical homes and parks in the neighborhood which makes it an even more comfortable and great neighborhood to live in.

Some of the fantastic places you can visit when you are at Hillcrest are their great restaurants such as Ciao Baci, Heights Taco and Tamale Co., Zaza Fine Salas and Wood Oven Pizza Co., and SO Restaurant. Now, if you are fond of arts, you can visit Gallery 26. And lastly, for your jewelry and accessory needs, you can visit Hillcrest Designer Jewelry. Surely you will love everything that you will see in those places.


If you want to have an urban-suburban feel of environment, the Heights is most definitely the best place to go. In this neighborhood, you will get to find a lot of great historic homes that were greatly preserved, and you will also get to observe great arrangement of manicured lawns.

Now, the highlights of this neighborhood that the people who lives here gets to enjoy are the amazing Ozark Outdoor Supply – a local store that sells outdoor gears and clothing, The Country Club of the Little Rock, and boutique shopping around the town.


Are you interested in living in an urban area with a twist of an Ozark? Then, the neighborhood of Riverdale is the best place that you can go to. This neighborhood is located just a few miles from the western part of downtown and when you get there, you will certainly get to discover lots of outdoor activities that you will certainly love. This neighborhood is the dream of most active individuals because you can find a lot of trails, parks, and fitness studios around.

A few of the best places you can ever find in Riverdale is the Barefoot Yoga – it is the longest running studio in Arkansas; the Fold Botanas Bar; and the Core ID – a great store that features designs and brands all over the world.

Chenal Valley

Chenal Valley is the perfect and the best neighborhood for families. In this neighborhood, you will certainly find great schools, may it be public or private, so that you will not have a difficult time in choosing where to enroll your kid. In addition to that, you can also find a lot of kid-friendly parks, pools, movie theaters, and shops around Chenal Valley too.

The most popular places that you can visit in this neighborhood is the Chenal Country Club, Thirst N Howl Bar & Grill, and the Fresh Market – a grocery store that offers local produce and great wines.

River Market

This neighborhood in Little Rock has a lot of apartments and condominiums around which makes it perfect for millennials and singles. This neighborhood is the heart of Little Rock as River Market has a lot of restaurants, bars, shops, and nightclubs which can surely attract tourists.

Some of the great attractions that you can visit in this neighborhood are the Old State house, the Capitol Hotel, and the Central High School.

Capital View / Stiff

A lot of professionals prefer to stay in this neighborhood because of the dense suburban vibe that it gives and because the individuals who lives here have moderate political views. In addition to that, you can find a lot of parks, restaurants, schools, and health and fitness facilities in Capital View.

Some of the recreation places you can visit in this neighborhood are The Billy Mitchel Boys and Girls Club and the Lamar Porter Field.


This is the perfect neighborhood for those individuals who seek for Little Rock’s center of activities because in Midtown, you will find everything without a hassle since almost everything that you need can be located 10-15 minutes away from you. in here, you will get to find a lot of restaurants, coffeeshops, and parks in the entire neighborhood.

Some of the great sights you can visit in this neighborhood is the great shopping center called the Plaza Mall. And, you can have some fun and enjoy the experience that you will get from the Little Rock Zoo as well as the War Memorial Stadium..


Living in the Downtown will surely capture your hearts most especially if you are fond of the new and modern renovations of the buildings and surrounding recreational areas. In this neighborhood, you will surely get to encounter a lot of tourists and you will get to enjoy a lot of amenities that were built and reconstructed around.

Some of the amazing establishments that you can see around Downtown are the great and lovely restaurants – Capital Bar & Grill, Gus’s Friend Chicken, Cache Restaurant, and a lot more; you can also find exhibits here such as the William J. Clinton Presidential Center and a lot more establishments that you will surely enjoy.

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