November 2020

The Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park

The historic Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park, located 506 East Douglas St, Prairie Grove, Arkansas. The restoration of the park is an effort made by the local government to honor the last epic civil war fought between the Confederate Army of the Trans-Mississippi and the Union Army of the Frontier. The dispute revolved around taking

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Attractions in Northwest Arkansas

Pinnacle Hills Promenade

The charming city of Rogers, in Benton County, Northwest Arkansas is home to the premier shopping destination, the Pinnacle Hills Promenade. The mall’s exterior is made with sturdy materials and painted uniformly with two colors that complement the overall external appearance of the mall. A colorful water fountain is situated at the entrance of the

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Attractions in Northwest Arkansas

Headquarters House Museum

If you are quite familiar with American History, this article must be appealing to you. The Headquarters House Museum is a marvelous Greek-inspired historical structure built in the year 1850. It is presently located at 118 East Dickson St, in the charming city of Fayetteville, Northwest Arkansas. The house was owned by the Tebbetts family

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Attractions in Northwest Arkansas

Daisy Airgun Museum

The charming city of Rogers, Northwest Arkansas has accommodated Daisy and its antique airguns since the year 1957. The Daisy Airgun Museum is a charitable institution that takes pride in preserving vintage guns and antique artifacts of the past. It tells the chronicle of America’s prominent manufacturer of air guns, including the popular Red Ryder

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Attractions in Northwest Arkansas

Buckyball at Crystal Bridges

This invigorating artwork, the Buckyball, is a consistent visitors’ favorite attraction at the Crystal Bridges. The Buckyball was first brought to the Crystal Bridges on May 1, 2013. Its charm mesmerized various art enthusiasts. It later became one of the most visited arts at the Museum. Since then, the illuminated craft continued to entice many

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Attractions in Northwest Arkansas

Mount Magazine State Park

In this little nook of Arkansas, situated discretely between the two magnificent National Forests, you don’t typically find anything. And whilst not only does the highest peak in Arkansas, Mount Magazine is housed by the modest jewel that is Mount Magazine State Park, but also a variety of comfortable camping, picturesque trails, and plenty of

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Attractions in Northwest Arkansas

Siloam Springs Museum Society

Revisit history through constant and revolving exhibits showcasing the heritage of Native America, early life, medicine, and many more aspects of our history and culture. Since 1969, the Siloam Springs Museum along Maxwell Street has already been safeguarding heritage, promoting culture, and contributing to the Siloam Springs, Arkansas community.  The tale of this town, which

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Attractions in Northwest Arkansas

Fayetteville National Cemetery

Fayetteville is a community that has long been around and has a deep past behind it. The Fayetteville National Cemetery also referred to as the National Cemetery, is one best attraction. Since 1867, this historical location has served the Arkansas Veteran organization proudly. It is located approximately few miles southwest of the old courthouse. It

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Attractions in Northwest Arkansas
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